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online admissions portal

Online admissions have revolutionized the way students apply to universities and colleges. Gone are the days of waiting in long lines and filling out stacks of paperwork. With the introduction of online admissions portals, the process has become much more streamlined and efficient. One such online admissions portal that has made a significant impact on the Pakistani education system is

Traditional Admissions Process

As a college senior, I remember the stress and uncertainty that came with applying to universities. My parents and I would spend hours researching different institutions, trying to figure out which ones offered the programs I was interested in and what their admission requirements were.

1.     Lack of Information

I missed many opportunities just because I didn’t have enough access to information. I remember visiting different universities and asking a lot of question. Submitting my university applications was a tedious and overwhelming process.

2.     Physical Visits

I had to physically go to each university and hand in my documents in person. This meant that I had to take time off from school and spend hours traveling to different institutions. It was not only time-consuming but also costly as I had to bear the transportation expenses

3.     Stress and anxiety

The process of physically going to each university and submitting my documents was frustrating and stressful. I had to make sure that I had all the required documents with me, and that they were in the correct format.

4.     Difficult to track

It was also a hassle to keep track of which universities I had applied to and which ones I still needed to visit. I had to keep a list of all the universities, their addresses, and the required documents for each.

5.     Risk of losing original documents

In addition, I also faced the risk of losing or damaging my original documents while traveling from one place to another. This added to the anxiety and fear of not being able to submit my application on time or not being able to submit it at all.


In short, the process of submitting my university applications in person was time-consuming, overwhelming, and stressful. It required a lot of time, effort, and resources, and it added to my uncertainty and anxiety about my future.

Admissions in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the way universities and colleges process admissions. With the outbreak of the virus, many institutions were forced to move their application process online, which while providing convenience for students, also presented new challenges such as internet connectivity issues and lack of personal touch in the process.

Universities were also forced to adjust their testing requirements, as many test centers were closed and test dates were cancelled due to the pandemic. This caused uncertainty for students and made it difficult for them to plan for their future.

Furthermore, universities had to extend their application deadlines to account for the disruptions caused by COVID-19. This gave students more time to complete their applications and allowed universities to process them more slowly. It also gave an opportunity to the students who missed the deadlines earlier, to apply now.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced universities to adapt and make significant changes to their admissions processes. These changes have presented many challenges for students, but it has also allowed universities to think creatively and find new ways to communicate with applicants and make admissions decisions.

Availability of Online Admissions Portals

But now, with the advent of online portals like, the process has become much more manageable. A good online admissions portal should offer a range of features to make the application process as smooth and efficient as possible for students. Here are some of the benefits that offers:

1.    All admissions at one place allows students to apply to multiple universities and colleges through a single portal. This eliminates the need to create separate accounts and submit documents to each institution individually.

2.    Comprehensive and up-to-date information

A good online admissions portal should provide students with all the necessary information they need to know about the universities and colleges they are interested in, including admission requirements, available programs, and deadlines.

3.    Easy Navigation

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Students can easily find the information they need and complete their applications with minimal hassle.

4.    Real-time updates

Students can track their application status in real time, making it easier to stay up-to-date on where they stand in the admissions process.

5.    Secure and reliable uses secure encryption to protect personal information and ensures that all data is transmitted safely.

6.    Mobile compatible is mobile compatible, so students can apply to universities and colleges on the go.

7.     Helpdesk support

A good online portal should have a helpdesk support system to answer any queries and to help students with the application process.

8.    Additional services

A good online portal should have additional services like “Admission Predictor” which predicts the chances of getting admission in the desired universities based on the marks in the previous degrees.

9.    Easy document management

The portal should offer students the ability to upload and submit their documents electronically, eliminating the need to physically go to each university and hand in their documents.

In addition to these benefits, also provides filter feature which helps students to find out universities based on their desired areas, programs, disciplines and the facilities offered within their budget range and city.

While other online portals exist in Pakistan, stands out for its comprehensive offerings and user-friendly interface. It has made the admissions process more efficient and less stressful for students, and has also helped universities and colleges streamline their own admissions process.

In conclusion, is a game changer in the Pakistani education system, with its comprehensive and user-friendly services it has made the tedious process of university admissions easy and efficient. I recommend it to anyone looking to apply to universities and colleges in Pakistan. It is one of the best portals with unique features that other portals lack. It’s a great contribution to the education system of Pakistan.


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